€300 / 10m2 - ROOM at Cooperative Knowledge Community. Or smaller room. Or couple (between M Fontana (GRACIA) & Plza MOLINA)


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A sofisticated arrangement (a learning community) that includes
sharing a HOUSE (by Gracia)
plus a STUDIO (in Montjuic),

plus sharing projects /learning /studying,

making a contribution in money to the (common) caisse
(which is much under market standards),
and in a NON-PROFIT cooperative frame.

(with different community benefits).

Including MENTORING to formal or informal students
(of different sorts that we may be found knowledgeable).

And ecology -survival -design seminars/workshops (included!)...

And with a character of MUTUAL HELP ASSOCIATION.

The (first mentioned) 10,4 M2 ROOM (big bed) (plus use of studio, mentoring, etc) >> >> contribution to common caisse/fund 300€ (much below market wich will be 350 or more in this area -or anywhere)

SMALLER ROOM 7 m2 (single bed) (plus studio, etc) > contribution 250 €

BIGGER ROOM 12 m2 for couple (plus all that...) > contribution 450 € couple

All them BIG WINDOW (1.50 m x 1.40 m) to street

In maybe a month at the STUDIO, 3 cabin/bed (glorified bunkbead) > contribution 200 €

The HOUSE (by Gracia) is very practical for students/researchers at UAB (Universitat Autonoma) because 5 min to train station.
Reasonably good bike acces to Diagonal UB UPC campus too.

The STUDIO (in Montjuic) is much better for people who have SLEEP problem w noise. And the park very close is great!!

Clean open room pact
Deep Sharing philosophy

We are interested in Egiptology, (green) Architecture, design, technology (materials), science, economy (Keynes, Henry George) and social engineering (utopian politics??), with an ART BACKGROUND...
Health, diet, herbs, yoga, meditation (Gurdjieff)...
Plus Permaculture! (which happens to be applied ecology)

Sharing interests is probably a pre-requisite to build communities, while sharing projects is a GOAL of the community.

Short stay possible.

Girls preferred (because they clean), boys mentored to clean too.
WIFI existing indeed but considering of shutting it down (as health hazard) to go back to LAN still half-installed.

Shared cleaning and maintenance with a contribution account scheme proposed.

Tending to ZERO ENERGY, top RECYCLING house.
(Human power for energy; survival skills are among our interests).

Both the house and the studio are intended to be LEARNING and workshop space, (not excluding socializing.)
The studio is adequate for a party (not the goal of the community but perfectly possible) but the house at most for a dinner w 5 people (if at all).

The HOUSE is plenty of BOOKS, many on herbs, health food, cooking, art, travel, history, Africa...
Other (many more) books on things like building, ecology, survival, agriculture, architecture, gardening and landscaping, old technologies or economy in the STUDIO.

Get more information
doing a search on
lifeshare wordpress
(or check the link in picture 1)
to find our wordpress blog about our community project

Room, house, COMMUNITY
with more information on the room, the house, home ecology, house sharing or room exchanging projects.

Then you send an email with a little resumé of your circumstances, (a couple of lines or more), and your preferred time for a visit, and we'll answer you with precise address.

Improvised, we shall make new, some missing too:
The two first is the big room still (under)used as living room, with art now changed and furniture moved.
Then the four-in-one picture is the 1st (300€) room, we have better pictures but don't find them, we'll make new.
Then from 4 to 11 are the smaller single-bed (250€) room
From 12 to 15 is the double room for a couple (450€)
16 is the bathroom (there's a second WC)
and 17 the kitchen.
18 is herbs in the kitchen
19 is some of the art in walls
20 and 21 are the STUDIO in both directions (arranged different now + loft-in-progress)
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