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Compensación: Interns can earn up to €1000 based on the sales they made.
tipo de empleo: opción del empleado

DpointGroup consists of a group of companies headquartered in Barcelona. Our core business is providing Business-to-Business products, services and solutions with a high quality for a fair price. The companies of DpointGroup are as followed; DpRental, DpCard and DpInflables.
We supply different Business Solutions, including: Online Marketing/SEO, Advertising products and services for events, recruitment & training, website, multimedia creation. In addition, we also offer several inflatable products at DpInflatables, we have our own DpCard and we rent apart-ments, offices and buildings at DpRental.
With our slogan : “We aim to the highest point” and our mission, we want to provide our custom-ers the best shopping experience at one of our companies.
At the moment, we are looking for interns in one of our departments. As an intern you can choose yourself in which department you want to work and you have a very flexible schedule with working hours at the company and at home. Furthermore, if you are working in the Market-ing & Sales department you can earn a commission up to 1000 euro with every product you sell!
Main tasks for a Marketing internship:
marketing on line, blogging, community management, sales: the intern will be trained in order to perform different Mkg campaigns using google adwords, wordpress, facebook, twitter and social media managers as well as viral video campaigns on you tube and other medias in order to in-crease the promotion of our products and services

Main tasks for the Event Management Internship:
Manage and Creating New Events in our Venue or Outdoor, Conferences, Sport Events. The intern is expected to innovate and create new events for our clients and manage the existing requests of services for events that we usually have.

Main tasks for a Business development internship:
Develop New International Markets, Client Prospection, Build Client Relationship. The intern will have to deal with B to B inquiries of our giant advertising products from our internationals clients over Europe and the Americas.
If you want more information you can visit our website
If you have any questions, want more information or sign up for the internship, please send an email to Mostrar inf contacto
  • Solo empresas. Si eres un intermediario, por favor, no contactes al anunciante.
  • NO contactar con nos para servicios u ofertas no solicitados

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