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Hello there,

I'm Ioana and I love the idea of capturing people and places on a camera. At the moment I'm working on my Social Media profiles, which are YouTube and Soundcloud.

But in this ad we're going to talk about only the first one.

so I'm working on my YT channel.

I want to take a lot of photos and videos. But atm i'm just starting a new job so i can't afford to buy a camera yet

I'm still using my phone

My aim is to find all kind of places to shoot, be it nature, streets, architecture, beaches, and even interiors.

If you are or know a photographer or videographer, be it a student, a graduate or simply someone who's looking for models or for somebody to create a small tribe with and walk around Barcelona finding beautiful, ugly, interesting places, please hit me up.

Maybe we can meet and discover, shoot and record together ^_^ I'm also willing to be a model, even if I don't have a lot of experience.

I send all of you my hugs and good energy!

with love,
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